Just What Is Forensic Dentistry? How Does It Work?

Forensic dentistry is also known as forensic odontology. It’s the application of existing dental knowledge towards civil and criminal laws which law enforcement agencies and the larger criminal justice system apply and maintain. A forensic dentist might be involved in providing investigative assistance to departments or agencies charged with the recovery and identification of human… Continue reading “Just What Is Forensic Dentistry? How Does It Work?”

Tips To Solving A Crime – The Elements To Look For

When it comes to solving a crime, you need to take your cues from the experts. In other words, you need to ask yourself what a professional would do in the situation. Plus, what type of crime are you dealing with? Is a murder? Theft? Is it a bank robbery? There’s a reason why the… Continue reading “Tips To Solving A Crime – The Elements To Look For”

Forensic Dentistry Explained – What Is It?

Forensic Dentistry is teeth examination in cases where other forensic options are limited by the situation status, particularly when there are no other possible forensic examination options to identify the victim or in cases where the perceived attacker leaves bite marks on the victim. The police use forensic dentistry to support or prove legal cases… Continue reading “Forensic Dentistry Explained – What Is It?”